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IOP Delray Beach: Serenity Now, CMHC

How Can an IOP Delray Beach Help Me?

If you or a loved one are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, professional help is available and encouraged. As most addicts know from personal experience, stopping abusing drugs and alcohol on your own is not an easy task. Most people require professional assistance to start the journey in recovery, and an IOP Delray Beach program may be the best option for you or your loved one.

One of the main barriers to receiving addiction treatment is the high cost of care. One of the benefits of an IOP, or intensive outpatient program, is a lower cost of care than residential or day treatment programs. Another advantage of an IOP Delray Beach program is it provides more flexibility for those in school or individuals with jobs as it typically meets just 3 or 5 times a week. IOP is a wonderful treatment option for those who may not require a high level of care, or who have time constraints due to work or family obligations. IOP may also be part of a step-down treatment modality and can help the client have a more successful transition from inpatient treatment to life back in the “real world.”


What services does an IOP Delray Beach provide?

At Serenity Now’s IOP, our clients benefit from access to our compassionate and experienced therapists through individual and group therapy, individualized treatment plans, and a strong support network of professionals and peers. IOP Delray Beach programs assist clients in maintaining sobriety while returning to the responsibilities and independence of daily life. We encourage our clients to apply the tools and knowledge they learned in treatment to life in the outside world.

If you are transitioning from a higher level of care or are just looking for some effective support and stability in early recovery, an IOP Delray Beach program can really benefit you and your recovery. There is no reason to struggle alone or white-knuckle through sobriety — there is help available at Serenity Now, CMHC to anyone who wishes to learn how to live their life free from drugs and alcohol.


Serenity Now, CMHC

Serenity Now, CMHC recently opened their Delray Beach location. Our Delray Beach location provides various levels of care including PHP and IOP. If you have any questions about the various levels of addiction treatment care, our programs at Serenity Now, CMHC, or the recovery process, call our 24-hour confidential helpline today at 866.802.5868. We have addiction specialists standing by to answer any questions and help you find the appropriate treatment for you or your loved one.